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Writer's Block: Now Showing

The holiday season is a big time for box office revenues. What Hollywood releases are you looking forward to seeing in the theater this month? What would you not go see even if someone paid you?
SEVEN POUNDS - Starring Will Smith and Rosario Dawson
THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX - Starring Dustin Hoffman and Matthew Broderick
YES MAN - Starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel
BEDTIME STORIES - Starring Adam Sandler and Keri Russell
THE SPIRIT - Starring Scarlett Johansson and Gabriel Macht
Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Lazy People are Lazy

It bothers me that the keyhole of NEVERLAND is in London's clocktower.
I wish the makers would've made actual Neverland, not just the pirate ship.
Maybe they'll be nice on Birth by Sleep. D: ... MAYBE.

It'd be really interesting if they made a book on the laws of Kingdom Hearts... everything is so messed up, it's crazy! And it'd be really interesting to read a book on that... especially keyblade rules and such...
They never really explain things like...
How Beast (in KH1) follows his princess Belle's heart to the evil castle place (aherm, forgot the name) through "sheer force of will" or how if you're the Keybearere and you stab yourself with the Keyblade, that releases  your heart and makes you a Heartless... -_ox; It's kinda confusing.

Girly thoughts Girly thoughts Girly

It's weird when:
One of your best friends becomes your rival in love but you both have boyfriends who are not at the receiving end of this affection.
It's weird when:
That guy thinks you're both attractive.
It's weird when:
That guy is a really good friend of another one of your friends.

So it's weird to be jealous of something that's not even yours.

Gah. He's so gorgeous. I can't say I like him yet though... I would need to hang out with him more.

But yes... he does fulfill the physical qualities. l=/;;;

EDIT: Great idea addition to my comic though. XD

Watching anime ;o

Watching Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka in .Com's computer. =o
I'm very happy. I finished my Biology final test and I'm done with all of this CRAP TvTx
All I gotta do now is figure out how to change majors so late now... I probably still have time. I need to check if I can get a special permit so I can actually take classes that are in Graphic Arts curriculum from Carolina or Río Piedras so I have move there next year. Woot-woo. I still have time to change my classes while being in the Biology major but nothing is related in science is related to arts so it's just gonna take up my elective credits... so I gotta check if there's another major in Arecibo that's closer to the classes I need to take. u_ux
I was thinking... it saddens me. With the whole Paola-Harold thing, I lost connection with Plushie. I won't say my opinion has changed because every action that he's taken is expected from him. (Talking about the way that he approached Paola.) u_ux; It's just that chances we'll be friends are even slimmer now. Everyday I see him I continue to think he dislikes me more and more as a person. ;-;x But it's not like I crushed on him major so much my life depeded on it + I have a relationship so I'm in no position to worry about that. I'm still gonna miss him around though. Maybe one day I'll see him and I'll be all "You know... I liked you once. D:" But if he says "I liked you too" I'd be frustrated as fuck XD but hey. Out the chest.
Continuing the anime so I can check out the curriculum shyt.
Going to Mayaguez today to pick Billy up. :DDDD Adventure it will be, yus. I'll probably sleep the whole way D:
Love & Peacus

haven't posted in five days!? wottasin!

Just letting people know I still exist. D: lols.

The puppies are growing growiiing! D: Op. Did I say Nina gave birth? Pictures will come up. Yes. :o

Mad at a friend. ;-;x Well, not really mad... just kinda dissapointed and hurt. D: EMO JD IS EMO.

I have a final test on Biology Wednesday. luls at my not-knowing-anything-and-all-is-doing-is-photobucketing-around ;o