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Goodbye, Goodbye, Good Friends, Goodbye

My house was almost on fire yesterday. But that story goes for my new LJ tomorrow or today later tonight {=D;; 
In any case... it's stella_di_vita ! ^_^x Heck, it doesn't even have icons yet... I'm going to see if I can prepare it today.

Goodbye, my mizukochan! =] You have been amazing... And I will never delete you!


And now it's time to go... The Moon... The Bear... and the Big, Blue House will be waiting for you to come and play! To come and play! To come and...



It's a slow Good-bye

I'm slowly leaving this LJ... :p December JANUARY DAMNIT 1st is nearing... when I will begin anew.

EDIT: D"""": Will I ever stop confusing these two months!?!?


Beep Bop Boop

Nothing out of the ordinary has been happening.

I hope to get a futon for Christmas. Stupid dogs have peed on it too much and now it just smells like really strong liquid soap. lD;;

More importantly, I need a scanner. I can sleep anywhere but I seriously need a scanner... xD; Or a pen tablet... Or both. :3

Plushie's smile. D:

The wind is so strong right now... It's scaring me! XD


I just cried my ass off in happiness reading the last bit of Fruits Basket. D: I'm so happy.


Girls Think Too Much

Well. Today would've been one of those perfect days. But since I'm not single, that's not happening. No. D:

I'll start. Not that long (I think.) Started nicely. Woke up a bit too late though since I had stayed until 3:AM with Billy around just talking a lot of crap. xD Just played Kingdom Hearts as my earlier entries hint. I did a favor for Mom by putting the old laptop in a special box with some pretty nifty stirofoam so we could send it to repair-people in the states.

Around the time Mom arrived I started watching The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Begining (which made me tear several times but it's not as good as the original.) Richi came and stayed for a while. We cuddled and watched the movie. He left then Grandma arrived, I fixed myself (minus hair -like always practically-) and she took me to the shire.

The usuals were there which was nice. ^v^x opportunity! Wis Krim (comes from the Puerto Rican way of pronouncing "whipped cream" and no, I do not know why the call him that) -which is an old member of the Shire who used to go there all the time but left to live in the states and who draws amazingly- called me over. He told me that he's planning on seriously doing an animation project and he's trying to gather up artists to draw/design some characters and other stuff. D/////: He told me he already talked with Paola's brother, JuanSe (who is quite good himself) and asked me if I was interested in doing so. The only problem is my age and the fact that I'm studying. I'm gonna be eighteen on January 6th though so that just leaves the studying thing but we can work around that. :3 He told me he's really intent on doing it and that he plans on being very dedicated. I told him I'm up for it. :D We're gonna meet up tomorrow at the shire around midday (tomorrow they open early since the usual saturday tournament is being held) and he's gonna bring about some information.

I really am delighted and proud of myself that he considers me good enough. I've always admired him, he's a very talented artist. ^___^x So let's hope for the best.

So... I went outside so Camou could show me the amazing swords he got in teh US of A (he's in Army and has been gone for six months, but he's back nao hip hip hurray. :D he's a good friend of miens). We stayed talking for a while (Richi jealously looking over at all times) then JuanSe went outside, then Jonathan and then Plushie (:D) and we all just talked a lot! About many things! It was loads of fun.  Meanwhile, I paused from that little get-together and got into a small argument with Richi because he was acting immature. Didn't get fixed but I figured whatever. -_-x; So I continued to not let it get to me and just conversate. Camou was the only one who noticed my anger. Billy came over to the Shire and joined the conversation. ^_^x

Camou has mesmerizing eyes! I've always wanted to point it out, they're so beautiful! They're a very minty green and they're just very nice to look at. :///D;;; Plushie's smile is still ... -sigh- Plushie's smile. ÚvÙ;; Damn it. Both me and Billy noticed he's ... growing up so nicely. D'''': damn thenvasklfasfjnlf damn it. SO FRUSTRATING. x/;; STUPID PLUSHIE. Whatever. D: It was refreshing to talk to Camou. I had missed him a lot.

Now... Me and Richi got in a major fight because he was jealous of me being outside with boys. He's very possessive and jealous and he was acting awfully immature, so I stood up for myself. After a while he apologized. UvUx So ha. I rule. XD lol. Joke joke.

It's good though. Billy, Ruchan, Chucho, Kenneth, Carlos Rodil, Plushie, Gaby, Camou, Jonathan, JuanSe, Chester... A lot of friends of mine I got to see and knowing that makes me feel happy. Cheesy, but happy BD